Travel Vaccines

At the Travel Health Clinic, you will be provided with:

  • A consultation with the doctor to discuss the details of your trip
  • Advice on the kind of vaccines you might require
  • Written advice on malaria protection tablets, if they are required, including side-effects, cost and when and how to take them
  • A prescription for malaria protection tablets, if they are needed
  • A prescription for some 'standby' (or first aid) medicines, in case you need them
  • A 'Staying Well While Abroad' advice booklet to take away with you
  • A completed vaccine record booklet (that includes a Yellow Fever Certificate, if needed)
  • The vaccinations you require
  • Our contact details, so that you can e-mail the doctor you saw at our clinic for health advice if you are having health problems while abroad
  • Answers to any questions you might have

Where necessary, we can vaccinate you for the following conditions (click on the name for further details):

Contact us now to discuss your travel health and vaccination requirements and make an appointment.

What Vaccines Do I Need?

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