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We are here to keep you well when you travel.

We focus on one branch of medicine only: Travel & Tropical Medicine.  We see thousands of patients each year. That, and the qualifications in Travel Medicine held by all of our doctors,  gives us a level of expertise that sets us apart.  Our service is personal and extends to e-mail support to you during your trip if you’re in trouble medically and need help.

Our Google Reviews

Pagkratios Chitas

3 Apr, 2021

The best clinic for PCR testing I have ever experienced. Very professional , friendly and speedy service. More specifically I received my PCR test results on the same day within 17 hours from the time the test was done. Highly recommended particularly if you need a Covid-19 test and time is critical…

Eric Hammar

12 Apr, 2021
Excellent professional service. Quick results. Availed of COVID test prior flight out to States and upon return to exit quarantine. Not a pleasant test but it was administered with patience and care. Dr. Astrid Weidenhammer is terrific.

Claire Ivan

19 Apr, 2021

This is your go-to place for Covid Testing in dublin, and specially when you want confidence that they will contact you with results quickly, in time for your flights!
Such a professional, spotless, safe place. Visits were well-organized, time-allotted. We were able to get both bookings for same time sl…

Gerrard Webb

24 Apr, 2021

Excellent Service and Turnaround times when I needed Results fairly quickly . Always quick to respond and if necessary accommodate Appointment Changes if my my own Schedule had to be adjusted . Convenient Location too .

Gerry Mongey

28 Apr, 2020

Myself and my husband met with Dr Simon Collins prior to a trip to Egypt. Dr Collins was as thorough as you could ever imagine. He went through any and all ailments that could affect us while away and suggested what to do and take at specific intervals. He left us with a script for a number of medicamen…


28 Apr, 2020

The consultation with Dr Collins was great. Really knows his stuff, very friendly. Would recommend.

Stella Samioti

27 Jan, 2021

Very professional! 🙂 I would recommend their services to everyone!

Michael Sheehy

18 Feb, 2021
I had my PCR test here before flying and got the results within 24hrs. The doctor was very friendly, explained everything to me and let me ask questions. The test itself is a little uncomfortable but over very quickly. Highly recommend this clinic!

Elena-Mirela Dogaru

7 Mar, 2021

Lovely staff and second day results by email! Would definitely come back!

Dan O'Banks

20 Mar, 2021

I scheduled my covid test easily online and the clinic was easy to find. The process was simple and painless. I would recommend them for your pretravel needs.