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We are here to keep you well when you travel.

We focus on one branch of medicine only: Travel & Tropical Medicine.  We see thousands of patients each year. That, and the qualifications in Travel Medicine held by all of our doctors,  gives us a level of expertise that sets us apart.  Our service is personal and extends to e-mail support to you during your trip if you’re in trouble medically and need help.

Our Google Reviews

Filip Novakovski

28 Jul, 2021

Absolutely professional, clean, timely, orderly, in-and-out experience. Got my results in no time within 24Hrs. ❤️❤️❤️ Went twice already and if need be would go again. Thanks all!

Pagkratios Chitas

3 Apr, 2021

The best clinic for PCR testing I have ever experienced. Very professional , friendly and speedy service. More specifically I received my PCR test results on the same day within 17 hours from the time the test was done. Highly recommended particularly if you need a Covid-19 test and time is critical for…

Eric Hammar

12 Apr, 2021
Excellent professional service. Quick results. Availed of COVID test prior flight out to States and upon return to exit quarantine. Not a pleasant test but it was administered with patience and care. Dr. Astrid Weidenhammer is terrific.

Claire Ivan

19 Apr, 2021

This is your go-to place for Covid Testing in Dublin, and specially when you want confidence that they will contact you with results quickly, in time for your flights!
Such a professional, spotless, safe place. Visits were well-organized, time-allotted. We were able to get both bookings for same time sl…

Cathal McGivern

21 Apr, 2021

Clear, quick and professional. Really nice people who will continue to assist you after your appointment too.

Esther Esteban Martin

15 May, 2021

Very friendly staff and very well organised during the pandemic period. Will definitely come back!

Otuyemi Otule

17 May, 2021

I’ve used the Travel Health Clinic, Dublin twice and I can’t recommend them more highly. They deliver a very professional service, the staff are very respectful and polite. And you get your results in a timely manner. Dr Simon and his team are doing a great job here and I will use them again.

John O'Brien

20 May, 2021

Fantastic care and super efficient service.

Ylenia Parolin

19 Jun, 2021

I can highly recommend Travel Health Clinic for pre-travel Covid-19 test. I did a rapid antigen test at the clinic, the organization of the staff was impeccable and I got my answer very quickly. I felt the service was more “personal” compared to other competitors I used in the past.

Alice Simington

28 Jun, 2021

Very efficient service. Always extremely professional.