Estimated turnaround time for Coronavirus antibody tests

Test samples that are ready for analysis are collected from us by the laboratory at 1.30pm on weekdays (Monday – Friday). In about 80% of cases results are available at the end of two full weekdays days following collection from us by the lab. For example:

The time your sample is taken by us: Time sample goes to the lab: Approx. time when you are likely to receive your result:
Monday 11am Monday 1.30pm Wednesday evening
Wednesday 10am Wednesday 1.30pm Friday evening
Wednesday 3pm Thursday 1.30pm Sunday evening or Monday evening
Thursday 4pm Friday 1.30pm Tuesday evening
Friday 3pm Monday 1.30pm Wednesday evening
Saturday 10am Monday 1.30pm Wednesday evening

In about 20 % of cases, an additional day or even two may pass before the result become available. Our doctor will e-mail a PDF of the result to you as soon within a few hours of our receiving it, along with an explanation of what the result means in your case.