Covid Rapid Antigen Test

Covid Rapid Antigen Test


  • €79
  • This is also a nasal swab test, like gold standard PCR test, but is faster and less expensive.
  • We’re using a top-tier test; CE marking alone is not a sufficient guarantee of reliability – our test also has European Commission endorsement and is recognised between E.U. member states (see 3, below)
  • Also known as a ‘Lateral Flow Test’
  • Not as accurate as a PCR test but does pick up most cases quickly.
  • Test processed on-site by us with a result certificate e-mailed to you within 30 minutes of your test being performed (for assistance with your after-test result, including out-of-hours, 7 days, e-mail

We can’t do the test on you if:

Full Patient Guidance (‘terms & conditions’) for the Covid Rapid Antigen (RA) test:

In undergoing the test, you are agreeing to all of the following:

1. About one in three Covid cases have no symptoms. This test is most useful for those who are well and want to quickly (within 30 minutes) confirm that they are not likely to be an asymptomatic Covid case. If you are a close contact of a known Covid case, you understand you should instead be tested through the H.S.E.

2. You understand that the reassurance provided by a negative result is valid for the point in time at which the test was performed.

3. Test accuracy varies between the many brands of test on the market. The European Commission has selected the brands it is satisfied meet its accuracy requirements (European Commission ‘Common List of Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Tests’, mutually recognised between E.U. member states, 17th Feb. 2021, updated 10th May 2021) available as a pdf download here Our Rapid Antigen (‘RA’) test (Healgen Scientific Ltd.) is one of these tests (many in use in Ireland are not). The Commission’s assessment of the Healgen test is that it has a 96.7% sensitivity. The accuracy of this class of test is also affected by the background rate of Covid in the population at the time you get tested – an accessible explanation as to why can be found in this article (18th April 2021) from Britian’s Observer newspaper

CE marking is not a quality indicator or a certification mark; it is an administrative marking with which the manufacturer or importer affirms its conformity with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

4. You are prepared for the possibility of a positive RA test result. A positive RA test result obliges you to have a PCR swab test done as soon afterwards as can be arranged (see below).

5. In the event of a positive RA test result, you agree to not seek repeat RA testing until the result of a PCR test becomes available and is negative.

6. You understand that in the event of a positive RA test, if you have not already done a PCR test with us at the time your RA test was being done, you should proceed to have a PCR swab test done with any proivder of your choice - the HSE will do a PCR test for free and you will be able to book it online with them.

7. If you have done both an RA test and a PCR test simultaneously at our clinic, you understand that in the event of the RA test being reported as positive, you will not be refunded the cost of the PCR test. We will arrange for the PCR test to be processed and report the result to you. If you are travelling, in the event of the PCR test being reported as negative, the PCR result will over-ride the RA result we will be able to issue you a negative PCR result and accompanying doctor letter for travel.

8. You understand that it is possible that in the event of a positive RA test result, you might subsequently test negative on PCR swab testing. Should this arise, you understand that we performed the RA test in good faith and you agree to not seek a refund for the RA test we performed on you.

9. You accept that in the event of you having the RA test done as a travel requirement, should a positive RA result occur which is subsequently disproved by a negative PCR result, you will not claim any liability against Travel Health Clinic (including but not limited to costs associated with re-scheduled travel arrangements).

10. You understand that this test produces ‘no result’ on very rare occasions. You agree to remain in the neighbourhood of the clinic for 20 minutes after the test and remain available by mobile phone during that time so that the Clinic can phone you to recall you for immediate re- testing (no extra cost to you), should the initial test fail to deliver a clear ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ result.

11. You understand that if for any reason your result has not arrived to your inbox after 30 minutes and you are receiving no reply from, you should then e-mail for assistance (including out-of-hours).

12. If you are having the test done for travel purposes, you understand that the result certificate we will issue to you is designed to meet all requirements laid down by the European Commission. If your destination country has result certificate requirements that are additional to the European Commission result format (e.g. the addition of your passport number to the result), we require you to alert us to these additional requirements either before your test or no later than the time at which your test is done. Where you have not alerted us to additional paperwork requirements, prior to or at the time of your test, you understand that we take no responsibility for subsequent immigration problems that might be encountered by you.

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