Coronavirus Antibody Test

Have I had Covid-19 Coronavirus?

  • For those aged 16 and over
  • Short clinic visit, by appointment
  • Small blood sample taken from your arm
  • Result e-mailed to you, usually in 48 hours
  • €90 in total (appointment, sample-taking and communication of results to you).

Who is the Covid-19 Coronavirus antibody test not suitable for?

  • Those with current infection (the test will provide a negative result). If you are in this category, you must follow these HSE instructions: Symptoms of Coronavirus
  • Those who have had the infection in the past 14 days (the test will provide a negative result). If you are in this category, you should be following these HSE instructions: Symptoms of Coronavirus
  • Those who have arrived in Ireland from another country in the past 14 days. You should be self-isolating and following these HSE instructions: Travel and Coronavirus
  • If you live with someone who has current Covid symptoms or a current Covid diagnosis. You should be self-isolating and be following these HSE instructions: Restricted movements for close contacts
  • At our clinic, we are not offering this test to those aged under 16 years of age.

The Covid-19 Coronavirus post-infection antibody (serology) blood test.

We are able to perform blood testing in those aged 16 years and over to see if you have had Covid-19 infection. This is not the PCR nose/throat swab test for to screen for current, active infection. The test we are offering checks if your immune system has encountered Covid-19 in the past few months, by testing a blood sample to see if you have developed an immune response (antibodies) to the virus.

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What is the Covid-19 Coronavirus antibody test?

It is a blood test (Abbott IgG ELISA) taken from the arm. The sample is processed at a laboratory. The test looks for IgG antibodies, made by your immune system, against Covid-19. This test works reliably only if it is done 14 days or more after you have had the infection.

How long does it take for the Covid-19 Coronavirus antibody test result to become available?

In most cases, two working days. In a minority of cases, delays at the lab mean results can take up to four full working days to become available. Our doctor will e-mail a PDF of the result directly to you as soon as we receive it, along with an explanation of what the result means in your case.

Who is the manufacturer of the Covid-19 Coronavirus antibody test?

Abbott, a well-known U.S. biotechnology company.

How accurate is the Covid-19 Coronavirus antibody test?

The Abbott test was evaluated by Public Health England in May 2020 (their conclusions can be found here, along with their assessment of other test brands). With the Abbott test, a 'positive' result means the patient has had Covid-19 (100% specificity). A 'negative' result is 93.4% likely to be correct (93.4% sensitivity; a small number of people who have had Covid-19 will get a falsely negative test result).

Evidence is emerging that a minority of patients (possibly 2% - 8%) who have had Covid-19 might not generate antibodies at all. Antibodies will occur in all other patients.

One group of people where a 'negative' result would lead to a theoretically lower than 93.4% confidence about the reliability of the negative result are those who are immunocompromised (though being on powerful medications that include a number of immunomodulators). The test will still work in this group but will be less reliable.

What is the simplest way to characterise this test?

A positive result means you have had Covid-19. A negative result means you almost certainly have not had Covid-19.

Does proof of recent Covid-19 Coronavirus infection guarantee immunity?

No. Research internationally is ongoing and it is very much a case that 'the jury is still out'. If Covid-19 behaves like related coronaviruses, then based on the experience with those viruses, it is likely that a majority of those who have a positive 'recent infection' test will not be re-infected for months and possibly a year or more.

There remains significant uncertainty around exactly what proportion of recently infected people are protected from re-infection, for how long and whether it is definite that they cannot re-acquire the infection and re-infect others in the future. The 'recent infection' (antibody/serology) test is at its most useful when it produces a 'positive' result, because positive results with this test are so reliable.

Some patients will find a positive test result useful, particularly for administrative reasons related to international travel (travel visa applications) - because a positive test result will suggest that they are likely to have immunity on a temporary basis at least.

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